5 Journalling Prompts to Inspire You for the Week Ahead

Journalling can be a really effective way of bringing yourself into the moment, practicing gratitude and even for giving you an opportunity for self-appreciation.

People journal for all kinds of different reasons. Some find it to be a therapeutic experience, some us it as a form of expression, others as a way of documenting their days and weeks, and some people just find journalling a really healthy habit to help achieve their work or self-development goals.

Whenever we talk about journalling either on the podcast or with friends, people often say things like “oh, I wouldn’t know how to journal”, “I don’t have anything to write about” or “I never know how to start and so I end up giving up”.

If that’s you, some journalling prompts might help! Choose one of these five journalling prompts, write it on a blank page and then write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect, profound or poetic – it’s just for you.

1. What’s something you would do if you weren’t afraid of failing?

2. If you got the chance to see them again, what would you say?

3. Who’s the person who always looks out for you? Why do you think they do that?

4. What surprised you most this week?

5. What is it you need to forgive yourself for?

Journalling is a skill and it’s something you become better at with time. Let these prompts be your starting point and eventually you’ll naturally find your own rhythm, and you’ll end up writing about what’s important for you!

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