Show Notes

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Here’s where you’ll find the show notes for each episode of Mental Health Hour. In the show notes, we summaries the episode but also provide links to resources, topics and people mentioned throughout the episode!

Episode Show Notes

  • Breaking the Patterns that Bind Us

    Breaking the Patterns that Bind Us

    When someone meets us, they will instantly know if we are regulated or not. If we are not, then how can we soothe their distress? Prioritising our own wellbeing as professionals/parents/individuals is vital.

  • Someone in your Corner

    Someone in your Corner

    Longitudinal research on child development clearly demonstrates that one of the single greatest indicators for how a child may develop in relation to happiness and social/emotional development, career success, academically is whether or not they developed security with at least one person that had their back no matter what (Siegel & Bryson, 2021).

  • 3 Non-Fiction Books for Self Development

    3 Non-Fiction Books for Self Development

    Some people use reading as a form of escapism – choosing to spend their evenings in fictional places with fictional friends. Some choose to relive wars through narrative history. Some opt for flicking through graphic novels and some want to develop and perfect new skills. All completely valid.